Best of Parenting 2020

Best of Parenting 2020

Aug 12, 2022

Classroom Mural
This week is 'All about the art' so every classroom came together and did their classroom mural art. It was so much fun watching every classroom do this activity together. Taking advantage of the activity, our teachers spoke to our friends about  the importance of team work and creativity. Messy hands, smiling faces and great minds make wonderful art. 
Infant Two

Toddler One 

Pre-k One 


Aug 11, 2022

All about the arts week!
Our friends had so much fun doing glow in the dark art! We were talking about it all week so when we finally did it, they were thrilled. the lights were turned off and blue light on. This activity definitely kept them engaged for a long period of time. They loved all the glowing colors. After we did the painting, we did glow in the dark face painting and had a dance party. So much fun!! 


Aug 2, 2022

Bruce The Magician 
Bruce never fails to put on an amazing show! We heard so much laughter and giggles. We even got to pet Bruce's magical bunny. So much fun!