Best of Parenting 2023

Best of Parenting 2023

May 23, 2024

Celebrating Kindness in PreK 2

It was kindness party day in Pre K 2 today! Kindness parties are hosted after the class fills their kindness tree. A kindness tree is a tangible tracker that gives students a visual while building their character. It helps the class focus on kind and helpful acts, operating on the Conscious Discipline powers of Attention (what you focus on, you get more of), Unity (we are all in this together) and Love (seeing the best in others). Throughout the year the children earn many kindness parties and choose how they want to celebrate. For today's party, the children chose a camping party! Mrs. Robin and Miss Amber have planned for the children to go on a "hike" and "boat ride", they brought tents and sleeping bags for naptime, flashlights for reading, and have many fun activities planned for the afternoon - including building fishing poles for snack! See the pictures below to be a part of their fun! 

May 21, 2024

Name Recognition

Early print awareness is essential for later success in reading. Print awareness is the connection between spoken and written words. It's understanding that letters make words and words can be written or spoken. Learning to recognize a name is one of the first steps in this process. Exposure to a child's name not only develops those early print skills, but it also gives the child identity in their classroom and provides a sense of belonging. The children see their name printed throughout the classroom often in places like cubbies, chairs, artwork, and writing centers. Teachers encourage children to work with the letters in their names, as well to practice building the name from left to right. Throughout the year, we do name activities in various forms to provide practice and continue building each child's confidence with their own very special name! 


May 10, 2024

Field Day !

 Our annual Field Day was full of fun! You can see the determination in their faces! Unknowingly they are developing skills in sportsmanship, cooperation, and perseverance. Building their pride and testing their capabilities!

Apr 26, 2024

You See a Recycling Sort, BUT....

 You see a recycling sort, but there is SO much more happening in this activity! During the months of March and April we focus on learning about taking care of our planet...Green is Our Scene! Today the preschool children discussed recycle sorting during their circle time. Classification and sorting are key academic skills that children will continue to develop throughout their journey in school. Preschool 2 teachers implemented an activity that embodied these skills and more! Using the trash trucks, children needed to haul the "garbage" from one side of the table to the other. On the other side of the table, they used tweezers to sort the materials into the correct bowls. The use of tweezers develops their fine motor skills and promotes cognitive development in the areas of spatial awareness, concentration, and using their brain and hands simultaneously. They don't know it, but the children are also laying the groundwork for positive social interactions. They are taking turns, sharing materials, collaborating, and developing language. All of these skills contribute directly to being able to communicate successfully with their peers! This is the kind of learning that keeps us coming back for more! 

Creative Expression on Arbor Day

 Happy Arbor Day! What would we do without our trees?? Children are busy learning and appreciating the trees today! It's fun to recognize different characteristics in our trees and using new language to describe what we see! Trees come in all shapes and sizes. For this activity children were give brown and green paint and tasked with creating a tree how ever they wanted to! Wide and skinny trees, trees with a lot leaves, and trees with a lot of branches - they are all important to us! 

Apr 18, 2024

Circle Time for Infants!

These infants have been busy lately! While an infant's basic needs are our top priority, we value the focused time that we get to learn and develop new skills with them. As the babies grow, our circle time sessions are becoming more and more exciting. The children are strengthening their muscles and preparing their bodies for the motion of crawling. Here they are also developing small motor skills by shaking rattles, twisting and pushing parts of toys, and experiencing the cause and effect relationship between their actions and the toys. Other circle time activities that the babies enjoy include looking at themselves in mirrors, feeling new textures, and listening to their teachers read stories to them! It is such a treat to witness their growth and development at this young age. 

Apr 9, 2024

Mixing It Up!

Today we celebrate the Week of The Young Child with Tasty Tuesday! 

Our Toddler Two classroom has been busy mixing it up in the classroom!  They used their fine motor skills to use the spoon for mixing and stirring. Then, they added some yummy toppings to create a fun and pancake bread! It was a great way to practice our fine motor skills all while making something delicious!